​Ané Lategan - artist
Scupture and installations​​​
Ané Lategan is an aspiring artist focusing on sculpture and installations. She currently works and lives in Kimberley on a farm as a way to work existentially and intuitively. She graduated in 2016 with a BA Fine Arts from the University of Stellenbosch with a distinction in her practical work. In 2016, 2017 she was a Top 100 finalist in the Sasol New Signatures competition and was recently part of a group exhibition “Visceral” at the Cavalli Estate gallery in Stellenbosch.  

Her practice is influenced by the notion of interaction and involves investigations into pressure points that are both bodily and cultural. Her previous installations attempts to activate the viewer's bodily sense of touch and proprioception to catalyze a way of “seeing” and understanding the world. The visceral quality of the work allows proprioception (the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation from stimuli within the body itself) to become the medium. The pressure of forming oneself according to certain cultural standards as well as the physical pressure we inflict on objects we touch and vice versa become the focus of the work.  The various translations of matter articulate frequencies in both the work itself and our own bodies, that brings to mind the issues of internal and external energy currents.  The use of mediums such as pig guts and copper highlights the reciprocity of our internal-external being-in-the-world. Thus the viewer is confronted with their own porous disposition.