​Ané Lategan - artist
Scupture and installations​​​​

It is well with my soul

29 x 28 x 24cm
Copper wire

The intricate crocheted anatomical heart embodies a pure heart as being one that is simple and undivided in allegiance.  Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. (Matthew 5:8)  The pure heart is marked by transparency and an uncompromising desire to please and glorify God in all things. It is more than an external purity of behavior; it is an internal purity of the soul. The heart is the size of a child’s heart to exemplify a child-like faith in excepting Jesus into our hearts (Mark 10:13-15). Children live by faith and not by sight (2 Cor 5:7).  The sought after and purifying nature of copper, highlights this honest desire my soul has for everlasting life.  
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85 x 65 x 67 cm
Gideon Bible Pages , Gauze, Light

We are all in a process of “becoming”.  The refining and sometimes consuming process of transformation and rebirth is embodied in this cocoon-shaped sculpture.  This metamorphosis, that requires patience, is detrimental in transforming one to become stronger and more equipped for unlimited possibilities.

Becoming embodies an uncomfortable spiritual, natural and political rebirth which allows for a renewal of mind and body. The expectation of renewal after tribulations is often a motivation to not be defeated. South Africa is in its cocoon, still in the uncomfortable transformation stage. We need to go through this challenging stage with an expectation in order to thrive as a transformed nation.  This requires a degree of patience for there is a lot of healing necessary.  Ideas of rest, transformation and healing are put to light with the use of Gideon Bible pages and medical gauze. The gauze is formed in a circular structure to mimic how the insect spins his cocoon in the natural process of rebirth. Gideon Bibles rest in public spaces until it is opened to allow for transformation.  Both are used for renewal in the spiritual and the natural. 

Becoming deals with the notion of the internal and external through illumination, so the viewer becomes aware of the process happening inside.  The viewer becomes enveloped in an uncomfortable yet safe isolation once the viewer stands inside the cocoon.


Sasol New Signature Top 100 Finalist (Top 94)
​79,6cm  x 109cm (framed)
Digital Print

The photograph captures the restrictive nature of our cultures imprinted in the womb, contrasted with the notion that we are not limited to the imprint of our heritage. Our culture forms our origin but does not limit our future. 

The use of copper and crochet technique relates to the residue and influence that our culture and upbringing has on us. Our heritage is crocheted into our DNA.  The copper creates pressure points on the skin that deals with challenges that are symbiotic to life. These laborious tribulations become the framework from which we build our perspective on life in order to overcome.  During the performance the copper wire left indentations on the skin which embodies the inevitable imprint of our cultures.  This is contrasted by the limitless nature of an embryo in amniotic tranquility.  The viewer in confronted with an uncanny familiarity in the subconscious.

The photograph was taken with a Nikon D5200 as documentation for a performance piece. The copper crocheted womb-like sculpture was created by Ané Lategan which she climbed into for her performance.  Ester Pohl took the photograph for documentation. At the time, the image was restricted to documentation.  The current tribulations in South Africa confronted the artists to face these contrasting notions, which birthed the concept of Resilience. This allowed for the documentation to become a work in itself.  The viewer is confronted with the contradiction between their current circumstances and the limitless  future that requires resilience. 

Assumption (Group exhibition)
Trent Gallery, Pretoria

Uptight but lovable
33cm x  18cm  x 18cm 
Nylon, cotton thread, steel, cement
Cool, Calm and Ovary-acting
44,5cm x  18,5cm  x 18,5cm 
Nylon, cotton thread, steel, cement

The figures acts as trinkets that embody the unpredictable and obscure nature of female hormones.  The figures evoke a certain unstable feeling, by highlighting the notion of goosebumps that is assumed to be caused by the hormone, adrenalin.  Female hormones and goosebumps share the same dubious and obscure characteristics.  The nylon stockings  and embroidery brings focus to the female attempt to keep it all together and to hide imperfections both physically and psychologically.  The figures become an embodiment of precariousness and vulnerability